Creating Value and Liquidity for Management, Founders, and Families

Long Point Capital, a private investment firm founded in 1998, is a value-added partner that invests in good companies with highly capable management and strong growth prospects. We believe that owners and management want more than just capital. We seek to generate outstanding outcomes for all portfolio company stakeholders by working in partnership with management to grow businesses that can benefit from our experience, sector expertise and network of resources & relationships.

We take a partnership approach to building successful businesses. Our goal is to partner with management and owners to help successful, established companies through the next stage of growth while building on the existing culture and legacy. We create value as partners by aligning our goals through management equity participation. We base our partnership with management on trust, providing the flexibility and autonomy required to operate and grow the business. We treat challenges with common sense and integrity demonstrated over many successful partnerships.

We focus on the professional services industry. We primarily invest in companies that provide knowledge-based solutions driven by exceptional talent. The professional services sector is large, fragmented, and growing, representing a unique opportunity to grow equity value. Our sector expertise and broad network of resources and relationships can help create exceptional value in professional service companies.

We create value through growth. We create equity value by growing companies and we have a track record of success in various sectors of the professional services industry. We partner with management to create a strategic plan focused on achievable organic growth accelerated by strategic acquisitions that often adds value by diversifying into new geographic or vertical markets.

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