Why LPC?

Generational Ownership Transition

How it Works

You have worked hard to build your company. Its success is the product of your skill, your dedication and your commitment to excellence. It has become more than a career. It is a source of pride, and when you step back, you want to leave it in the hands of the people that you trust most: your family.

In a generational ownership transition, Long Point will support your family in acquiring your business while providing you with the liquidity that you need to properly plan for retirement. LPC will contribute equity capital along with your family to acquire the business, while arranging for third party debt to finance the balance of the transaction.

What are the Benefits?

Like the Private Equity Recapitalization, a generational ownership transaction provides a range of benefits, including liquidity, flexibility in structuring a transaction to meet your needs, and the potential for your to participate in the continued growth of the business. Most importantly, the transaction will ensure that your business continues to be managed by those whom you trust and who will maintain the culture on which the company was built.

Long Point can also structure a transaction that gives your family the right to buy out Long Point’s interest in the company at a future point in time. This creates an option for your family to maintain ownership of the business even after Long Point has realized its investment in the company.