Long Point Capital Portfolio

UMA Enterprises


Business Description

UMA Enterprises, Inc. is a leading full-service importer and wholesaler of home décor products. Headquartered in Compton, CA, UMA is distinguished by its broad product offering, competitive price points, and high degree of customer service. UMA serves a diverse customer base including specialty retail stores, furniture stores, discount stores, distributors, and non-traditional home décor retailers throughout the United States.

Transaction Overview

Long Point Capital invested in UMA through a leveraged recapitalization structure, where the owners of the Company monetized the majority of the illiquid value contained in their business, while continuing to retain a significant ownership interest in the Company and maintaining operational control along with the existing management team.


UMA has continued its strong growth by adding new product categories and higher-end products, and expanding its international distribution. As a step to achieving liquidity for its investors, Long Point has sold the Company to a newly-formed ESOP while retaining a significant investment in the Company.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

UMA is seeking acquisitions of niche companies of any size that sell complementary products while expanding the Company’s customer base.


Ira Starr: 212-593-1800 / istarr@lpcfund.com

Will Albertus: 212-593-3705 / walbertus@lpcfund.com