Why LPC?

For Referral Sources

Long Point recognizes how important our deal referral sources are in providing us with promising investment opportunities. We welcome inquiries and referrals from intermediaries, business brokers, lawyers, accountants, senior executives, private wealth managers, and search firms. Contact us for more information and join our mailing list.

Whatever the situation, we are respectful of your time and prompt to respond with our thoughts. We are open and honest about what we are looking for. Please see Investment Criteria.

For any referral, we are happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a Fee Agreement.

Why Should You Refer a Deal to Long Point Capital?

A Reputation for Professional and Timely Responses to Opportunities
We will not waste your time. We know that a fast “No” is much better than a slow “No”. We have created a very clear closing process to make it easy for you and the business owner.
Referral and Closing Fees
We will pay you a standard buy-side fee for deals that close. For example, for a $50 million closed transaction, we would pay you a fee of $600 thousand.
Tax-Free Proceeds for Business Owners
We offer a unique proposition for you to discuss with a business owner: “Would the business owner be open to a sale at a market price if he could get his proceeds on a tax-free basis”? You may be surprised to see that offering a tax-free alternative might open some doors. See The Tax-Efficient Alternative.