Why LPC?

For Business Owners

Selling all or part of your company is an important event for you, your management team and your employees. Your choice of your equity partner will play a critical role in the future of your business.

Why Should You Partner with Long Point Capital?

Focus on Founder, Family and Employee-Owned Companies
The partners at Long Point Capital have built their careers working with successful entrepreneurial owners of lower, middle market companies. We understand the challenges that your company faces on a day-to-day operational basis and on a longer-term strategic basis. Our experience and network allows us to work with the focus, dedication and delicate touch that is often required for your business.
Partnership Approach Based on Common Sense and Integrity
We have a history of success in working with entrepreneurial companies. We base our partnership with management on trust, and treat challenges with the common sense and integrity that we have demonstrated over the years.
A Reputation for Doing What We Say We Will Do
You need to be very careful in selecting your equity partner. You need to understand how your equity partner will work with you to close the transaction, to manage the business with you, and to exit the investment. If we tell you we will do something, we will do it. We will be happy to share our references with you.
Experience in Creating Value
We work as partners with management to grow a company's value to its full potential. We have extensive experience in sales and marketing, operations, financing, strategic planning, recruiting and acquisitions. We work closely with management as active partners to set strategic goals and priorities, and to act as a sounding board to solve strategic problems, to provide resources, and to identify and pursue growth opportunities.
Proven Ability to Provide Tax-Free Liquidity
We offer you the ability to generate significant liquidity and valuable continuing ownership through a private equity recapitalization. Plus, we offer you the opportunity to generate your liquidity on a tax-free basis in selected situations. We will take the time to explain to you and your advisors why a tax-free transaction might be the right choice for you.