About Long Point Capital

Investment Criteria

While we are flexible on structuring transactions that meet the specific objectives of business owners, we focus on making investments in transactions with the following characteristics:

Company Size
Greater than $5 million of EBITDA for platform companies; any size for add-ons.
Transaction Size
Between $20 million and $200 million for platform investments; any size for add-ons.
Investment Size
Between $10 million and $50 million of equity per transaction (and potentially more for certain situations).
Committed management teams that intend to continue to manage the business, are growth-oriented, and are motivated by having a continuing equity ownership in the business.
Majority ownership by founders, families, management teams, or employees.
Types of Businesses & Industries
Focus on professional services, and opportunistically on niche manufacturing and distribution businesses in North America.
Please see our Portfolio page for more details. We typically stay away from companies with high technology risk, companies with significant exposure to fluctuations in commodity prices, and companies in highly regulated industries.

Types of Investments

Company Characteristics

  • Clear value proposition with defensible market, customer and product positions
  • Solid long-term industry fundamentals
  • History of stable earnings with reasonable growth prospects