Why LPC?

Our Management Approach

Building on Your Success

We invest in founder, family, and employee-owned business that are successful and well run. You have dedicated years of your life to make your business successful. Our goal is to partner with you to take your company through its next stage of growth and development while maintaining your culture and your legacy.

A Candid and Open Partnership Based on Shared Mutual Goals

Based upon our twenty-five year plus investment experience, we believe that there are two critical elements for a successful investment – a strong business and a strong partnership. For us, a true partnership means that we will make decisions together. There has to be shared mutual respect or the partnership will not work. We will always be candid with our opinions and advice. We expect you to treat us the same way. That is the only way to achieve our goals. We may not always agree. But we will always recognize that we both have the same mutual objective – to create and sustain maximum equity value.

Creating a Structure for Success While Managing the Risk

We want to reward success and we also want to provide flexibility to manage through the ups and downs of economic cycles. So we provide incentives to the management team to create equity value. And we provide a capital structure with a lower debt burden than most other private equity firms to provide a margin for safety.