Why LPC?

Our Transaction Approach

We Listen to You and Provide Creative Solutions to Meet Your Goals

We create liquidity solutions for business owners that are tailor-made to meet the goals of the owners. In our experience, the catalyst for exploring liquidity generally falls into one of the following categories:

Wealth Diversification
If most of your net worth is tied up in your business, you likely want to diversify your assets and reduce the risk of having “all of your eggs in one basket.” At the same time, you want to preserve an ongoing role and maintain equity ownership in the company.
Partner Buyout
To generate cash to purchase the stock of a significant shareholder(s).
You are looking to sell the entire company and retire but you don’t have a successor to run the business.
Family Succession
You need to provide liquidity for an older generation as part of an appropriate succession plan.
Growth Capital
Your business needs capital to expand, to make an acquisition, or to enter a new market segment.

In all of these situations, we listen to you to try to understand your goals, and then we present a solution to you designed to meet your objectives.

We Do What We Say We Will Do

Once we agree upon a liquidity solution with you, we will create a letter of intent that details our agreed upon solution. We expect to close upon the terms of the letter of intent and we will drive to close as quickly as possible. We will be transparent during the closing process. We know that no one likes surprises. We will clearly communicate with you all along the way. We will be efficient. We know that you have a business to run, and we will limit disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

Doing what we say we will do is the most important part of our reputation. We will be happy to introduce you to our references who will vouch for our reputation.