Long Point Capital Portfolio

Hire Counsel & Mestel


Business Description

Hire Counsel is a national leader in temporary attorney staffing and review management with a network of over 50,000 attorneys and legal staff operating through 22 offices and interview facilities across the country. Mestel & Company is one of the largest legal placement companies in the country, with an associate and in-house counsel placement division, and a partner, group, and law firm merger division.

Transaction Overview

Long Point Capital invested in the Company through a PE+ESOP Recapitalization structure, where the owners of the Company monetized the majority of the illiquid value contained in their business through a sale to an ESOP, while continuing to retain a significant ownership interest in the Company and maintaining operational control along with the existing management team.


Hire Counsel & Mestel have successfully grown their business by expanding the markets they serve and the range of services that they provide.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

Hire Counsel & Mestel are selectively looking to acquire companies of any size that provide complementary products and services.


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