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Arrow Tru-Line Makes Aquisition

Long Point Capital is pleased to announce that our portfolio company, Arrow Tru-Line, has acquired Collier Springs. Located in Brantford, Ontario, Collier produces a leading brand of garage door springs as well as other garage door hardware components. The acquisition of Collier increases Arrow's vertical integration and provides further geographic coverage for Arrow Tru-Line. 

Arrow Tru-Line, which is North America's leading independent manufacturer of hardware for residential and commercial overhead garage doors, is highly interested in continuing to make targeted add-on acquisitions both in the garage door industry and outside of it. Arrow Tru-Line is most interested in roll-formers or stampers of metal products in the following additional industries: 

Material Handling
Highway & Bridge
Window & Door

For add-ons in such industries, targeted minimum revenue is $30 million and the company should do business primarily in North America. Please contact us (gperkins@longpointcapital.com) if you know of acquisition opportunities in these areas. We gladly pay finders' fees where appropriate. 

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