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Private Equity and ESOPs: Generating Equity Value For Investors, Employees And Selling Shareholders

Over the past year, ESOPs created in partnership with Long Point Capital have been sold to strategic buyers, generating over $50 million in cash proceeds for the employees.  

As part of our focus on founder, family and management-owned companies, we have become the leading private equity firm providing financing for Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transactions.

The benefits of our typical PE+ESOP Recapitalization include:

  • More Cash for Selling Shareholders
  • Tax Savings for Selling Shareholders and for the Company
  • Employee Wealth Creation through an ESOP

Since only a minority of our transactions involve an ESOP, we can offer an owner a choice: a PE+ESOP transaction or a traditional private equity transaction. We will help the owner evaluate his/her options and will provide a thorough analysis to help choose an appropriate structure based on the unique facts and circumstances.

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